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Primera Group Limited

primera Group

Transforming Industry through Innovation

welcome to Primera Group

Primera Group is a multifaceted business conglomerate that excels in managing supply chain dynamics.

ethical vision

Transforming the sector through the adoption and support of ethical methodologies
Ecological production

Primera has set out to help transform the artisanal mining sector by promoting and supporting ethical mining.

Welfare Standards

Our aim is to ensure both environmental and social welfare standards are adhered to and thus follow stringent vetting processes.

Green energy

Primera continues to invest heavily and partner with companies and organisations to set up wind and solar power,


a diversified portfolio of businesses & partnerships

Primera Group is a dynamic and diversified Abu Dhabi based conglomerate with an extensive investment portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across Tanzania, the wider East African Region and the Middle East.

The group’s assets and interests span across a wide range of industries that include green energy, agriculture, mining and metals trading, carbon credit schemes, AI and blockchain solutions.


Primera is an established producer and exporter of gold and precious metals with interests covering mining and trading.


Investments and partnerships with a focus on transforming agriculture and mining through the adoption of green energy.


Digitally transforming ecosystems through the adoption of blockchain technology to securely and reliably record and track the value chain.


A payment gateway solution using AI and Blockchain Technology for increased transparency and security.
Miners Inspecting Land for Minerals
Cleaning solar panels by workers in uniform safety at solar farm
Corporate building
about Primera Group

Over 20+ years of industry expertise

Primera Group’s primary operations are in the United Republic of Tanzania. The country is third largest exporter of gold and has transformed its mining sector since 2019 with the introduction of government authorized trading centres. 

Today Primera Group operates in six centres in Tanzania which are strategically positioned in the Lupa gold fields and Lake Victoria greenstone belt

Primera Group has established in-house testing and smelting facilities in each of its offices. All exports are managed by partner handling and security agents including but not limited to Brinks, G4S and Transguard.

our ethos

building sustainable businesses through ethical practices.



We identify challenges faced in the localised sectors of precious metals mining and agriculture.



We thrive on ideating and iterating on solutions for these challenges with a focus on ethical practices.



We form strategic local and global partnerships and interests in order to meet skill and technology gaps.



We take ownership of the end-to-end solution delivery and deployment through to iteration and improvement.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Primera Group takes pride in our ability to adhere to rigorous standards while continuously growing and improving the operational side of our business. As a responsible global conglomerate, we understand the importance for businesses of maintaining a strong balance sheet, which is why we always ensure that our growth does not come at the expense of profitability

why us

Increasing profitability while adhering to strict standards.

Become the leading mineral supply chain company in the industry by managing and optimizing all the aspects of the mineral value chain and delivering true and tangible value to our customers, partners, and investors.

Add value to our shareholders’ investments through innovation, expertise, and exceptional performance by maintaining transparency and steady growth, supremely focused on sustainable supply chain methods, ensuring the highest health and safety standards.

Our values have shaped our corporate culture since the beginning and they are still relevant today. Our core values are the foundation of our culture, and our business strategy.

how we work

due diligence & compliance

Primera Group has created a strict criterion of its own, ensuring the adherence to the stringent compliance standards and policies that must be met by external investors, clients, and associates for engaging in any of the business activities. Apart from having its standards and policies in place; Primera Corp Inc adheres to and ensures that all business is carried out as per the standards and policies set by the international and global governing bodies.

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